И для борьбы с силами зла, в кузнях атлантиды, был создан.... ИЗУМРУДНЫЙ ХУЙ
It was when my girlfriend actually took up the trouble to wtite me a long letter that i stopped to think about was i was doing./ She said a lot of nice things there. It was written on classy paper and she had taken a lot of care about her handwriting. Although I`m not a great romantic, I`m shure it`s something I`m always going to treasure.But she also said a few hard things which made me to think. Can it be true thatI`m more interested in chatting with complete strangers online than I am in talking to her face to face? And she was exaggeraring when she said we never get rather more than five minutes alone together without one of my gadgets buzzing or bleeping wasn`t she?

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